Stephen Ellison

Deer Killed by Arrow Found Behind Walnut Creek Home

Wildlife officials on Monday were investigating the death of a deer found with an arrow in its side in a Walnut Creek residential neighborhood.

A resident found the deer's body while walking behind his home on West Park Court in a neighborhood that's near a freeway and just a mile from a BART station.

The resident, who did not wish to be identified, said he noticed vultures circling Sunday afternoon then picked up the odor of the decaying carcass.

Contra Costa Animal Services removed the deer and said the Department of Fish and Wildlife will investigate.

"You could speculate that that probably was a hunting experience," said Steve Burdo, of county Animal Services. "There is speculation as to whether this happened in another place, and another animal like a mountain lion dragged it into another area."

Burdo said hunting is legal in parts of Contra Costa County, but not within 150 yards of a residence.

Neighbor Tim Thimech says it’s disturbing to find the deer with an arrow through his body in such a residential neighborhood, especially because, he believes, it was fired at close range.

"It couldn’t have been too far, otherwise the arrow would have fallen pretty fast, lost velocity," he said.

If investigators find someone hunted the deer in the area where it was found, that person could face misdemeanor charges, officials said.

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