Democratic Campaign Center ‘Red 2 Blue’ Opens in San Francisco

Democrats campaign Red 2 Blue opened a new headquarters in San Francisco Saturday with the goal of flipping the balance of power in Washington from Republican to Democratic.

The new political center on Market Street is one of two Red 2 Blue centers that will be operational for the midterm elections in November. The other center is in the East Bay.

The idea is to call voters in swing states and Republican majority states, and try to convince them to cast ballots for Democrats.

Republicans won control of both the House and the Senate in 2016 when President Trump took the White House, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believes that with lots of effort, Democrats have a good chance at taking control back in November.

"These races could be 500 votes one way or another, all over the country," Pelosi said. "So understand that every call you make, every step you take, every door you knock, every post card you send, every sign you plant, every one of those could be what makes the difference in the election."

Meanwhile, Republicans are using Pelosi as one if their main targets, as they look to get out the Republican vote for the midterm elections.

Republicans are warning that if Democrats take back the house, she may become speaker again and work to unravel tax cuts that were passed last year by Republicans.

Midterm elections are 51 days away.

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