Dept. of Police Accountability Confirms Misconduct by SFPD Officer Making Deportation Threats

Civil Rights advocates are calling for reforms at the San Francisco Police Department after an independent investigation confirmed an officer violated department policy by threatening to deport a group of minorities.

In June, the Asian Law Caucus along with the FREE SF Coalition filed a complaint with the Department of Police Accountability against officer Josh Fry after an NBC Bay Area investigation recorded the officer telling a crowd of Asian and Hispanic men that he’s going to call immigration enforcement and send everyone back home.

Wednesday, the coalition announced they received a letter from the Department of Police Accountability confirming the officer’s comments violated several department policies that prohibit racially biased policing and making unwarranted threats.

The announcement comes a day after another SFPD officer came forward with his own claims of ethnic and religious discrimination at the department.

“Our concern is that this needs to be addressed not just with one officer, it needs to be addressed at the department wide level,"Asian Law Caucus attorney Saira Hussain told NBC Bay Area.

"The police chief has an obligation to make sure his officers are not engaging in conduct unbecoming of an officer, making threats against people using racial slurs.” 

A spokesperson for SFPD said the agency cannot comment on personnel matters, but added that the officer is no longer with the department.

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