Derogatory Notes Labeled Hate Crime, Redwood City Council Endorses Measure K

Following derogatory notes found on cars parked in Redwood City, the city has announced the incident will be filed as a hate crime.

"It’s disgusting," Redwood City Mayor John Seybert said. "It’s a hate crime and it will not be tolerated in this city."

While the investigation is ongoing, police have said a suspect leaving notes on cars was spotted in surveillance footage.

One of the notes reads, “No more illegal alien parking on this street! Park in front of the apartments where you live. No room? Then too many of you are here. Quit crowding our neighborhoods and blocking homeowners’ driveways!! Leave!”

The council also voted Monday to endorse Measure K at a special meeting regarding affordable housing.

The Council Finance and Audit Committee said a major focus going forward needs to be incentives for creating second units in homes.

Currently, staff reports two-thirds of developed land are designated as single-unit homes.

A presentation by Homes For All stated that 63 percent of workers are currently commuting into the county, a higher rate than neighboring counties.

There has been 54,600 jobs and 2,100 housing units, or about one new home unit for every 26 new jobs created between 2010 and 2014, according to the presentation.

Staff emphasized a pressing need for affordable housing.

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