45-Day Detox Pulls Plug on Tech Addiction

Rehab program promises to rewire high-tech junkies

What's your poison? To some, it's drugs, alcohol or gambling. To others, it's video games, Web surfing and Twittering.

But now there's a place to rewire those with overworked thumbs and weary eyes.

In true 12-step rehab style, the ReStart Internet Addiction Recovery Program, located on a five-acre, tranquil, woodsy parcel of land near the Microsoft campus in Washington state, enrolls self-admitted cyber addicts for a 45-day detox program at a "family-style retreat where its participants can have an internet and video-game-free therapeutic experience."

The facility even has a stripped-down social network, where they use group therapy, coaching and self-help training to free people from the grip of technology.

A statement on the site breaks it down:

"The mission of this innovative program is to help adults, addicted to video games and the internet, detach from their high-tech distractions, find balance, and reconnect to the real world."

You'll have to part with $14,500 for a stay at the 6-bed house.

While the facility is working to free people from the strings of the cyberworld, they don't shun technology  -- they're even on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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