Dick Cheney Visits SF, Protesters Demand Arrest

The former vice-president's public awaits him in San Francisco.

As if the local rabble-rousers would let 2011's Occupy movement hog all the fun -- especially when there's a former vice-president's arrest to demand.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney visits San Francisco on Tuesday to speak at a private conference at the Palace Hotel. There's going to be a welcome wagon in store for the controversial former veep -- one that "considers him a criminal" and has sent letters to various law enforcement agencies demanding his immediate arrest, according to SF Weekly.

Welcome to San Francisco.

The protest of Cheney's visit is organized by CODEPINK, the Berkeley-based "women for peace" movement, famous for such stunts as "glitter-bombing" former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

This one has it all: "provocative banners, flyers... and people dressed in black and white jail outfits wearing Cheney masks."

For his connections to such fond memories of the 2000s as waterboarding, the Iraq War, and more, CODEPINK is deathly serious about arresting the former confidant of George W. Bush, according to organizers. "We consider him a criminal," said Cynthia Papermaster, one of the protesters, "and expect our local law enforcement agencies to do their duty and arrest him. This is no joke."

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