Did Google Penny-Pinchers Nix Annual Dance?

"Google Prom" yet another perk cut from the budget for employees of the Mountain View-based company

Google may have $19.3 billion in cash laying around, but the company has gone from profligate with employee perks to downright penurious.

The annual dance, which catered to thousands in the past, has been cancelled.

Certainly the economic slump and Google's sliding share price are to blame, but if you want a villain, look no further than new CFO Patrick Pichette.

Since taking over Google's books last year, the cut back trend has quickened, with a number of the company's famous campus cafes being shuttered and employees asked to pay more for childcare.

Pichette betrayed how ruthless he is when he promised that the company would "feed the winners, starve the losers" with him holding the purse strings.

Granted, Pichette signed an eight-figure deal when he took the job, so it's unlikely he'll be feeling any financial pinch soon.

Hopefully clotheshorse Google VP Marissa Mayer hadn't already bought her Oscar de la Renta dress for the occassion.

Photo by Latham Jenkins.

Jackson West can't imagine anyone would call the gyrations of nerdy Googlers "dance."

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