Homemade: How to Make Ribbon Leis for Celebrations

Mama Des = Homemade in Daly City!

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Welcome to "Homemade," a series about getting a taste of our unique Bay Area culture from, well... home. Locals invite us into their homes and teach us how to prepare goods by hand, sharing a piece of themselves in the process. Learn how to make something new while getting to know the people that make up the fabric of our community.

Homemade leis are one way to express your pride for someone. Desiree Finau of Daly City, Calif., has made leis out of ribbons, flowers and candy. She’s even seen them made out of McDonald's cheeseburgers. In this video, she demonstrates how to make a ribbon lei for a family, community celebration or graduation.

Want to see and try out more homemade goods from your fellow locals? Have something you'd like to share yourself? Let us know in the comments!


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