Dishcrawl Through the Bay

Bar hopping may be a popular pastime around the country, but the diverse culinary scene here practically begs for food hopping to be just as big. Residents all throughout the Bay Area will soon get a chance to give the idea a try as Dishcrawl, a year-old event with roots in San Francisco and San Jose, expands further into the region next month.

“We want neighbors to discover their neighborhood restaurants together,” says organizer Tracy Lee, “and what better way to do that than to hit four places in one night?”

To emphasize the adventure, the meeting location of a Dishcrawl is usually kept under wraps until two days before, and the food is always a surprise until patrons arrive at the beginning of the event. Tonight, Dishcrawl will be in San Francisco for an event called “Mission’s Hidden Gems.” Tomorrow (Feb. 23), at least 120 Dishcrawlers are expected to hit the streets to “Discover The Exotic Side of San Jose” in an evening that Lee, a San Jose native, hints will start off in a challenging way and end on a sweet note.

Sometimes, Dishcrawl stays in one spot, as it will on Thursday night (Feb. 24) for the “Filipino Dishcrawl” at Intramuros restaurant in South San Francisco. Intramuros chef Cocoy Ventura will prepare a five-course Filipino meal including a whole roast pig.

Dishcrawl’s presence throughout the Bay Area will multiply in March, with events planned in Mountain View (March 15), Daly City (Mar. 16), San Francisco (Mar. 22), San Jose (Mar. 23), Berkeley (Mar. 24), Pleasanton (Mar. 29), and San Mateo (Mar. 31).

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