Man Disputes DUI Arrest in Sebastopol, Claiming He Could Do Math, Hopscotch

After running a red light early Saturday, a suspected drunk driver challenged a Sebastopol police officer who pulled him over, claiming that he wasn't "fall down drunk" because he could play hopscotch and do math equations.

That didn't go over so well.

In a post on Facebook, police said Officer Charles Wong saw the suspect run a light at Sebastopol and Petaluma avenues. He stopped the driver and a breathalyzer revealed that his blood alcohol content was slightly above the legally allowed 0.08, police said. 

The man contended, however, that he wasn't driving under the influence.

"While no one wants to impugn the driver's hopscotch and math skills, he was certainly impaired," police wrote on Facebook. 

The driver was arrested and police stressed that the crime is called a DUI for a reason.

"A person does not have to be a stumbling, sloppy drunk to have their driving ability negatively and detrimentally affected by onboard substances," according to police. Alcohol is the most common culprit, but marijuana, narcotics, over-the-counter and prescription medicines are equally dangerous.

"Driving is a divided attention, multitask which requires both mind and body to be sharp," Sebastopol police stressed, urging people to be mindful of their actions "before hurtling a two-ton hunk of metal down the road at high speeds."

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