Divorce Picks up After the Holidays

Attendance at divorce workshops picks up in January, lawyers and planners say

The Season of Joy is often followed by the Season of Divorce. The number of separations and fillings for divorce often reaches its peak between January and March. 

That's also when Ginita Wall sees the most people attending her divorce workshop, Second Saturday.

"People somehow expect the job of the season is going to correct a troubled marriage and it never does," said Wall who helped organized the workshops nearly 25 years ago. 

Her non-profit workshop is held every second Saturday of the month in San Diego at Mira Costa College in Cardiff.

In Los Angeles, a father-son team of family law attorneys holds similar workshops at their Woodland Hills office on the second Saturday and fourth Wednesday of every month.

Ron Supancic and Ty Supancic typically get six to ten people at each event, said Patricia Snyder, the firm's office manager.

Similar workshops have started throughout the country.

"You're so devastated emotionally it's very difficult to make smart, clear decisions," said author Elizabeth Bryan, who is helping to promote the San Diego workshop.

"You get almost a whole list of what you need to know before you even meet with your lawyer," said Bryan, "You will save tens of thousands of dollars if you go down that path."

Ginita Wall is a C.P.A and financial planner and works with couples to work out their finances during the divorce.  Besides Wall, an attorney, family counselor and mediator lecture women and answer divorce questions.  She says the idea is to prepare women for the steps of divorce and how to save money in the process.

"The more you know, the less expensive your divorce is going to be," said Wall.

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