“DNA Doggies”: New Testing Campaign Helps Animal Shelter Pets Find Homes

The Peninsula Humane Society is turning to science to try and help more animals find loving homes.

The group recently launched a new DNA testing campaign dubbed "Who's Your Daddy?" -- which has sparked new breed names.

"The results were all very different," said Richelle Pittella with the Peninsula Humane Society.

Pittella said 24 dogs have been tested, and based on the DNA results each is given a new and unique breed name.

One dog tested has been designated an Alaskan Chowzer -- part Chihuahua, part American Eskimo and miniature schnauzer, according to Pittella.

The intrigue factor of the campaign appears to be working after 18 of the 24 dogs have been adopted.

"An average wait four weeks to be adopted," Pittella said. "Many of those dogs were adopted within a few days."

The "Who's Your Daddy?" campaign is aimed at helping many overlooked dogs at the shelter get another opportunity to find a home.

The DNA test is a cheek swag, which cost about $50. The program will continue as long as funds allow, officials said.

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