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‘Do-Not-Drink’ Alameda Water Advisory Lifted

The city of Alameda announced this Friday that the State Water Resources Board's Division of Drinking Water has lifted it's "do-not-drink" advisory for Alameda Point's drinking water distribution system, after residents had been advised not drink water earlier this week due to contamination.

The city said in a statement that the residents and businesses in the Alameda Point area can now drink and cook with tap water. A second round of water test results from yesterday was clear of bacteria.

Friday's tests of Alameda Point's water system tested negative for other harmful contaminants.

The initial advisory urging residents not to drink, shower or bathe in, or cook with the area's water came out on Tuesday, affecting 268 residents and more than 60 businesses.

The city said that the irrigation well that mixed with Alameda Point's drinking water, resulting in the contamination, remains disconnected from the drinking water system.

Residents are advised to flush all water fixtures for 10 minutes before initial water use for drinking, cooking, bathing or showering.

The city and the Red Cross will end its free bottled water and shower service for the affected residents effective Friday evening at 7 p.m.

Those still concerned about the quality of Alameda Point's water taste or odor should call the East Bay Municipal Utility District at (866) 403-2683.

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