‘Bart' the Dog Who Delayed BART Finds New Home With Oakland Family

He was the talk on the train back in September.

Bart the dog — as he was soon named — bottled up BART during the morning commute on Sept. 27 after he somehow managed to sneak his way onto the tracks near the Oakland Coliseum station. He was just a stray wandering the streets at the time of his infamous stunt, but that has all since changed following his moment in the spotlight. 

OaktownMojo via Twitter
A dog is spotted on BART tracks near the Coliseum station. (Sept. 27, 2017)

The pit bull mix, who spent some time at Oakland Animal Services, has been adopted by an Oakland family, according to the transportation agency.

When Bart's new owner Todd was poking around and looking for a new four-legged friend, he didn't actually know that his soon-to-be pup had such a famous history. For Todd, it was simply love at first sight. 

"When I went in, all the other dogs were barking in their kennels, and he was just sitting there calmly," Todd told BART. "He walked very well on a leash, was very affectionate, and really mellow."

[BAY BW]'Bart' the Dog Settles in With New Family in Oakland

The pooch has since settled in quite nicely at his new home in the East Bay.

"Bart is so easygoing and has a very mild disposition," Todd told BART. "I haven’t heard him bark yet."

Whether or not Bart actually keeps his household name remains to be seen.

Todd's wife BethAnn is fond of the name Bodie. 

"He's Bart for now," Todd told BART in response.

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