San Francisco

Confirmed Dog Flu Cases Reported in San Francisco: SFSPCA

Humans aren't alone this winter season when it comes to battling the flu. Dogs are also falling ill.

The San Francisco SPCA on Friday announced that there are confirmed cases of canine influenza — also known as dog flu — in San Francisco.

The exact number of dog flu cases was not immediately clear.

Symptoms associated with dog flu include coughing, runny nose, fever, low energy levels, eye discharge and reduced appetite, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If a dog owner notices their pup experiencing any of these symptoms, they are encouraged to contact their veterinarian.

Most dogs tend to recover in about two to three weeks, according to the CDC, but some can face other bacterial infections that could lead to more serious illnesses and pneumonia.

The CDC does note that "the percentage of dogs infected with [canine influenza] that die is very small."

The San Francisco SPCA encourages that dogs get a canine influenza vaccine if they frequently play in areas with other dogs, such as dog parks or dog daycare facilities.

The recent cases of dog flu in the city by the bay come on heels of similar cases reported in the South Bay

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