Calif. Dog Left in Dumpster Recovers with Bay Area Rescue Organization

A Central California puppy left to die alone in a dumpster is living to tell another tale thanks to a number of human friends, including some from a Bay Area dog rescue group.

Bay Area resident Indrani Stangl came across a gut-wrenching Facebook post picturing the young pup named Ivy in dire need of medical attention.

"She had been found in a dumpster," Stangl, who volunteers for a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering dogs in need of forever homes, said. "It was pouring rain. Her eye was actually popped out of her face. She has a skull fracture and also a nasal fracture. The most critical thing was her temperature was about 10 degrees too cold."

Fortunately for Ivy, a veterinary hospital near Bakersfield took her in and patched her up. She then made her way to a local foster home before traveling north to recuperate with Pound Puppy Rescue, the organization that Stangl volunteers for.

Ivy still requires eye surgery, which is scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the pooch will recover and acclimate to a normal life before she's ready to find a permanent home and a loving family.

"While she is being fostered, she's going to be socialized with little kids, other dogs and by the time she is ready for adoption, she'll be very well adjusted and ready to fit into a family life," Stangl said.

Anyone interested in donating to help fund Ivy's medical care can visit the Pound Puppy Rescue website or the Pound Puppy Rescue Facebook page.

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