Tips and Tricks to Capture the Perfect Picture of Your Pooch

It can be difficult to capture a candid shot of your furry, four-legged friend. However, if you simply must catch the perfect picture of your pooch with either your cellphone or a professional camera, here are some tips and tricks.

Find out what makes your dog shine

If you’re doing a photoshoot all about your dog, you should find out just what their personality is. Come up with three attributes that you think makes up who your pooch really is--whether it be that they like ice cream or love digging holes in the sand. Let your dog’s personality shine through in the pictures you take by showing them doing something that they really enjoy.

Get the wiggles out

Dogs have a lot of energy, and if you want to have an easier time getting a picture-worthy shot, you’ll have to get it out of them. If you’re doing an on-location shoot, arrive a little early to give your dog a walk, play with them and let them sniff around to get acclimated to the new environment.

Let there be light

Lighting is key to photography. Going outdoors and finding a shady area to take your pictures is the best thing for your photoshoot. Let your pooch glow in the natural light.

Use the right tools

You can take beautiful photos of your furry friend with a cell phone or a professional-grade, expensive camera. However, if you’re really looking for a portrait of your dog to hang in the living room, it is better to use the higher-end, pro camera.

Get their good side

The best angle to snap photos of your dog is at their level. Kneel, sit, or just get down and meet them eye-to-eye and take a picture that shows the world from their perspective.

What’s their motivation?

Give your pooch some incentive to cooperate with something they really like. Keep them motivated with their favorite thing, whether it’s a treat or a well-loved toy.

Keep your cool, and snap on

Be patient when you’re working with your furry friend. Dogs don’t speak our language and they don’t know what we’re asking them to do. Also, the photoshoot is all about them, so when you’re snapping pictures of your pooch, you’re working on their timeline. If they need time to get comfortable and cooperate, be patient and let them have it.

Keep it simple

What better tip is there? When you’re lining up your photo, don’t make it too busy--don’t have any trees or lightposts that look like they are sticking out of your dog's head. Your pooch is the focus, afterall, and you don’t want anything interfering with their glamour shot.

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