Domestic Violence Perpetrator Sentenced to Jail, Probation, Treatment

A Redwood City man convicted of domestic violence was sentenced Friday in San Mateo County Superior Court to eight months in county jail, four years' probation and extensive treatment and counseling, prosecutors said.

Jesus Chavezmata, 33, was convicted Dec. 15 of domestic violence, battery, child endangerment, violation of a court order and other crimes. He was released from jail Dec. 17 on $75,000 bail.

Seven days later, he allegedly sent text messages to the woman he had battered, violating the no-contact condition of his bail, and was jailed again.

This morning, Judge Lisa Novak sentenced Chavezmata to eight months in county jail in addition to time already served, 104 hours of domestic violence counseling, one year of a child abuser treatment program, four years' probation and no contact with the victim.

Chavezmata and the victim were involved for eight years and have two children together. In March 2016, the victim's cousin called 911 to report that Chavezmata had battered the victim. When police contacted the victim, she told them Chavezmata attacked her in her bedroom and strangled her.

The couple's 6-year-old child came into the room during the attack and Chavezmata let go of the victim, who had a cut to the bridge of her nose and neck pain.

The victim also reported that Chavezmata attacked her in the bedroom in January 2016. She had photographs of bruises to her arm.

In February 2017, Chavezmata broke into the victim's residence, where he no longer lived, and strangled the victim. Her older children pulled him away from the victim.

Chavezmata fled and was arrested later that day. The victim suffered a cut and bruising to her arm and facial pain.

Emily Andrews, Chavezmata's attorney, did not return messages asking for comment.

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