Domino's Pizza Delivery Drivers Robbed in Sunnyvale

Pizza delivery drivers in the South Bay are on edge after a couple of them were robbed at gunpoint.

Two employees at two different Domino’s pizzerias in Sunnyvale were robbed Monday night after making deliveries. Officers said both happened right after the other and they believe both crimes are connected.

In the first robbery, police said, a driver had just finished a delivery on the 400 block of East Remington Drive about 9 p.m. when two men jumped into the driver’s car, made threats with a gun, and forced the man to drive a short distance before stealing his belongings and jumping out.

A few hours later, investigators say, the pair appeared on the 400 block of North Bayview, where they approached a driver who had just made a delivery. This time, the victim ran off, so the men stole the driver’s car.

Steven Karis had just gotten his pizza when that driver came running back to his home.

"He came up to the door, said his car got stolen and they had a gun,” Karis said. “So we told him to get inside because of the weapon and then we called 911."

Police said the two drivers were lucky to escape injury.

"Any situation where someone threatens to have a gun, or the victim believes he has a gun, can be very dangerous,” Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Capt. Jeff Hunter said.

Police were able to recover the delivery’s drivers car about 20 minutes later after it was stolen.

Investigators said they don’t think the specific Domino’s location was being targeted. Restaurant management had no comment when contacted for NBC Bay Area.

It is unclear whether the delivery drivers involved will be given any time off.

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