Don't Let M. Ward Scare You Away

Singer to play the Fox this weekend

M. Ward likes to do things his own way. He doesn't even like going by his first name.

M. Ward : "Requiem"

But don't let that or his scruffy voice scare you off. For the record his first name is actually Matt and he storytelling, backhome style of music is actually quite welcoming.

On Saturday, Ward will play at the new Fox Theatre in Oakland at 8p.m. He will play from his six solo albums including his latest release, "Hold Time."

The Portland, Oregon product began his career in 1999 but didn't get his first serious notieriety until his album "End of Amnesia" in 2001. Since then he has built his indy following by playing lively, intimate shows and by colloborating with a variety of artists. Everyone from Bright Eyes to My Morning Jacket to a duet with actress Zooey Deschanel.

Tickets are $29.50 and are still available from our friends at Ticket Master.

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