Don’t Sleep In If You Want to do This

Think pre-dawn if you are planning the snow portion of your weekend.

The answer to the question everyone in the Bay Area has been talking about all week will be answered in the early morning hours.

How low will it snow?

Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri says its all about timing. If precipitation is still coming down Saturday morning, in conjunction with the cold temperatures below 32 degrees, snow flurries and wet snow flakes will fall at or near sea level.

Twitter and Facebook came alive with posts of snow sightings just after 3 p.m. Friday. Weather watchers also reached out to chief meteorologist Jeff Ranieri reporting a snow shower of sorts that lasted about five minutes in Napa, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa. The CHP also put out an advisory to drivers that it was snowing along Highway 101 in Cloverdale.

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The best chance for that to happen is between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. So don't sleep in tomorrow if you want to see it. Once the sun comes out, the temperatures will warm up and "bye-bye" snow.

Snowfall has everything to do with elevation, so we thought we'd give you those numbers as well: 

Beyond the snow forecast, this weekend is going to be wet and bitter cold. Temperatures are expected to get progressively colder throughout the weekend with the potential for record breaking cold on Sunday. 

Both the East and North Bay Municipal Utility Districts are warning people that it will be cold enough to burst pipes. The best way to avoid that is to wrap water lines with old towels or special foam that  can be purchased at a local hardware store.

And as you prepare for the possibility of seeing white flakes fall from the heavens for the first time in years, people are building websites to keep the masses informed.

You know, just in case looking out the window for snow wasn't obvious enough. One website, in the vein (and no he is not, according to said website), is asking the question and answering it a the same time.

Is it snowing in San Francisco, you ask? Well simply visit and check. That is of course if the snow has not already knocked out all communication in your home.

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