Download Apple's Rare 1987 Music Album

After Stanford unveiled its Steve Jobs archives this week, The Next Web resurfaced another, even weirder gem: Apple's 1987 music album called "The Apple Boogie."

Download free mp3s, lyrics and album art here.

The cassette tape was apparently handed out at an Apple sales conference in 1987, and includes the classic "Blue Busters," Apple's anti-IBM anthem sung to the "Ghost Busters" tune. You know the one: "Something strange / Stinking up your desk / Who can you call? / Blue Busters."

But "The Apple Boogie" has other songs--and it's safe to say you don't have any of them on your iPod. They include "Apple II Forever," "Breaking Through," Building the Future with You," Leading the Way," Power to be Your Best," "Ripples" and "We're So Excited."

Many of the lyrics seem cheesy today, but back then they somehow must've made sense. "Ripples" is the first track on side A of the tape. It features classic '80s lines like this one: "So look in my eyes as the sun rises / behind us, my friends / and hold my hand, and pass it on / like we did back then."

The forgotten tape is sold out on, an online shop selling Apple stuff. The site says the "The Apple Boogie" was produced by Geoff Levin and Chris Many.

In a Stanford archives interview, Jobs recalled the time Apple got its name while he and Wozniak were driving down Highway 85. He said he was happy Apple would come before Atari in the phone book. You have to wonder if Jobs was also brainstorming catchy album titles like "The Apple Boogie."

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