Downtown San Jose Revival Under Way

It's the revival of downtown San Jose.

Business owners say after years of decline and an abundance of vacant buildings, the area is now springing back to life.

The Farmer's Union is the latest feather in the cap of former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery.

McEnery says its proof that San Jose’s downtown San Pedro Square is a booming center and an agricultural hub.

McEnery has pours millions of his own money to revitalize downtown.

“Gordon Moore is one of the great icons of Silicon valley, and he said if everything you try is working, you're not trying hard enough," McEnery said.

That philosophy might just be paying off.

“The real model was, we wanted to be like the Faneuil Hall in Boston, or the Ferry Building," McEnery said.

Councilman Sam Liccardo says luring more business and development downtown is one of his priorities, so he's helped author legislation to give those developers incentives to come here.

"We're not giving developers any money. What we're saying is we're making you pay $3 million in construction fees? Pay us half that much," Liccardo said.

Licccardo says the city wins in the long run with a new skyrise replacing a vacant lot.

Both he and McEnery feel the allure of the new San Pedro Square will entice more people to live and shop downtown.

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