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Dozens Gather For Hands Around the Mosque in Santa Clara

Dozens of people gathered at a South Bay mosque Sunday to show their solidarity with Muslims and all Americans.

More than 600 people signed up to be part of the Hands Around the Mosque event at the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara. The goal was for everyone to hold hands and form a circle around the mosque. It was an interfaith event, with people coming from all over the Bay Area to show their solidarity with Muslims, immigrants and people from all backgrounds.

Participants said they were standing up against hate and division. They believe such events are more important than ever given President Donald Trump's attempts to implement travel bans impacting people from predominantly Muslim countries.

"We are trying to focus less on politics and more on communal services, to be united, to be supportive of one another, to show that despite the political tension that is going on right now, we're strong as one community coming together," said Kamal Koraiten, president of the Muslim Comunity Association.

More than 40 organizations took part in the event. After they held hands around the mosque, the group gathered inside the mosque to hear several speakers on community inclusion.

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