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Hundreds Protest Against ICE Raids, Detention Centers in San Francisco

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in San Francisco Friday asking the most powerful politician in the Bay Area, and one of the most powerful leaders in U.S. government Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to use every lever she can to put a stop to ICE raids and cut off funding for controversial detention centers.

"Hey hey, ho ho, racist ICE has got to go," members of the Never Again Coalition marched down Market Street bearing more than just a banner for Pelosi.

"We’re here to stand up to Nancy Pelosi, because we worked to get her into that seat, and we expect her to represent us, and not give away the $4.6 billion that she gave away to keep these camps funded," said Carrie Sterns from Never Again.

This comes days after reports of dehumanizing conditions at detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border sparked protests across the country, even making Pelosi speak out.

"It’s for the children, the children, the children," said Pelosi. "It’s about lifting them up and away."

However, against her wishes, a senate funding bill cleared Congress, allowing money to flow back to those centers.

President Donald Trump’s threat to carry out more ICE raids also continues chilling communities like San Francisco.

"As we know, when Trump first said that he was going to have these raids, he called them off within a few days of announcing them because there was so much outcry," said Bob Price from the Freedom Socialist Party.

Price helped organize Friday’s protest, a show of support and a reminder of rights for vulnerable migrant caught in the crosshairs of an immigration battle.

"People have a right not to speak, and not to let the ICE agents into their house," Price said. "And I think that’s the most important one."

Some governments have circulated images of what real warrants look like so families can discern them and they’re also reminded everyone to make sure the address on that warrant, matches theirs.

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