Drag Racing vs. Cops: It's Legal and Open at Sonoma Raceway

The Bay Area has legal drag racing for just about anyone with a driver's license. And some of them race against cops.

NBC Bay Area's Sky Ranger helicopter caught a glimpse of the Wednesday Night Drags at Sonoma Raceway late Wednesday. The popular program gives people a safe, controlled environment in which to drag race their cars, according to the raceway's website.

Anyone with a driver's license can compete, as long as their vehicle or motorcycle passes an inspection. Almost any street-legal vehicle is eligible, the raceway says.

One of the more popular events during the Wednesday Night Drags is Top the Cops, in which high school students drag race against Bay Area law enforcement officers, the raceways says. Officers race in full uniform in their official vehicles on the quarter-mile drag strip.

Wednesday Night Drags is nothing new; it's been around for about a quarter-century. This season's event started in March and runs through Nov. 13.

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