Drill Simulates Emergency Situation at San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport conducted a training drill for a plane crash scenario Wednesday morning, airport officials said.

Firefighters, police officers, hospital and airport staff participated in the drill, simulating an accident with a Boeing 767. More than 250 volunteers were role-playing as passengers to help first responders practice triage, transport and passenger reunions, airport officials said.

The passengers had simulated injuries applied with makeup prior to the start of the drill at 9:30 a.m.

The drill is conducted annually at SFO, despite that federal regulations only require airports to hold such a drill every three years.

SFO was the site of a deadly plane crash last year when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 struck a seawall while trying to land at the airport.

The crash on July 6, 2013, injured more than 180 people and led to the deaths of three teenage girls, one of whom was run over and killed by San Francisco firefighters responding to the scene.

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