‘Drive High Get a DUI’: CHP Issues Warning in New Freeway Signs Ahead of Legal Marijuana

"Drive high get a DUI."

That's the warning the California Highway Patrol is now giving ahead of the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state, which takes effect Jan. 1.

The warning is featured on several Bay Area freeway traffic notifications signs. The combination of cars and cannabis is a cause for concern for some in the transportation industry.

CHP also posted a related tweet. Check it out below.

There have also been freeways signs along Interstate 880 touting marijuana.

Debbie Goldsberry, executive director of Magnolia Wellness, had a billboard advertising her medical marijuana facility for a year. Goldsberry said the advertisement generated 750,000 views a week.

But after getting pushback from her community, she took it down.

"When we took the billboard down, we saw fewer visits," Goldsberry said. "So it did impact our bottom line."

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