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Driver of Stolen Dump Truck Evades Police, Injures Three in Minivan

Colma police were trying to pull over a stolen dump truck early Thursday morning, when the driver tried to run over the officer and ended up crashing into a minivan carrying three people, authorities said.

Detective Dawn Marchetti said the officer was patrolling the area of 1300 Isabelle Circle about 12:15 a.m. and spotted the stolen Mack Truck. Marchetti said the driver tried to ram the truck into the officer, who was approaching the vehicle.

The officer reversed and wasn't hit, Marchetti said, and a chase ensued through South San Francisco and Daly City, where the driver struck a minivan carrying a 16-year-old, a 20-year-old and a woman.

Police said there was one serious injury and one minor one stemming from the crash at San Jose Avenue at Flournoy Street in Daly City. The victims were taken to San Francisco General Hospital.

The driver ran away but was later arrested. Marchetti said the truck was stolen out of San Francisco.

On Friday morning, police identified the suspect as 36-year-old Mark Edward Hill. He was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, police said. After he was released from the hospital, Hill was booked into San Mateo County Jail on charges including felony hit and run, evading police, and assault on a police officer.

After the crash, diesel spilled out onto the street, which was closed during the cleanup.

NBC Bay Area's Bryan Carmody contributed to this report.

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