Stolen U-Haul Crashes in Cupertino After Pursuit

Two suspects were taken into custody after the U-Haul crashed into another vehicle

The driver of a stolen U-Haul van led authorities on a pursuit in the South Bay early Sunday before crashing into another vehicle in Cupertino, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office.

Two suspects trapped in the U-Haul suffered non-life threatening injuries and were taken into custody, according to the sheriff's office. A 65-year-old driver in the vehicle that was hit complained about pain but did not sustain serious injuries.

Before the chase began, authorities were dispatched to an alarm going off at a GameStop located in the area of Stevens Creek Boulevard and Saich Way in Cupertino, according to the sheriff's office.

While authorities handled the alarm call, a deputy saw a "suspicious" U-Haul van in the area. Deputies tried to stop the van, but the driver proceeded to take off, leading authorities on a chase.

The driver of the U-Haul eventually crashed into a vehicle on Stevens Creek Boulevard at Wolfe Road in Cupertino, the sheriff's office reported.

The suspects were taken to receive medical treatment, according to the sheriff's office. They will be booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail for burglary, stealing a vehicle and felonious vehicular evasion.

Arie To works at a store in the same plaza. She says security guards always patrol the area during business hours. She thinks the break-in was nothing more than an isolated incident… because video games are easy to smash, grab and go.

"I think they were just looking for somewhere to break in, and they just went to GameStop because they know games are pretty expensive," To said.

Sheriff's officials did not say whether there was any merchandise inside the U-Haul van.

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