One Dead After Driver Hits Pedestrians Near Cupertino

The motorist was identified as a 50-year-old woman who now faces a possible murder charge

One person died and another was injured Tuesday after a driver reportedly struck two pedestrians in a county park near Cupertino then drove away before being detained, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office on Wednesday identified the suspect as 50-year-old Mireya Orta.

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
Miyrea Orta

Deputies responded to a disturbance call at Rancho San Antonio County Park at 12:52 p.m., according to the sheriff's office.

Both victims were taken to a hospital for treatment. One of the victims died, while the other one suffered non-life threatening injuries. 

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office has identified one of the victims as 77-year-old Lawrence Lupash of Sunnyvale.

Orta was eventually stopped and arrested on suspicion of homicide and other felonies. She was taken to a local hospital then booked into the Main Jail in San Jose once she's released. 

Witness Monica Aranda captured cellphone video of deputies chasing the driver as she fled from the scene.

"It was happening right in front of us," Aranda said. "I thought at first she was hitting a rock or a log. It wasn't until (a man) said, 'No, she's hitting someone.'"

Police are treating the incident as an ongoing investigation. They have no details on a motive or are not clear if the victim and suspect knew each other. 

Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office at 408-808-4500 or the Sheriff's Office Investigative Services anonymous tip line at 408-808-4431.

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