Driver Wedges Car in Bike Path After Wrong Turn

Driver told police he thought he was driving on an on-ramp, but was inside on a narrowing bath path

The California Highway Patrol came to the rescue of an elderly driver Tuesday after the man took a wrong turn and ended up wedging his car in a narrow bike path.

The CHP said this happened Tuesday around noon on northbound Nellen Avenue bear Greenbrae.

The CHP said an 87-year-old driver of a 1991 Toyota Corolla station wagon was attempting to enter Highway 101 when he got confused and instead of taking the on-ramp, he took a bike path.

The bike lane is separated from traffic by a concrete barrier and a railing.

The driver drove on the bike path until his vehicle was completely wedged in between the concrete barriers.

The man could not back out. A tow truck had to attach a cable in order to get the vehicle back out of the path.

The driver was stuck inside the car for about 35 minutes as he waited for the tow truck to pull him out.

The driver was not hurt, but his car suffered moderate damage on both sides, according to the CHP.

The man was issued a mandatory reevaluation on his license by the CHP.

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