Driving Test Taker Crashes Into Gas Meter, Prompts Evacuation of Santa Teresa DMV Office

It's a safe bet this woman didn't pass her driver's test.

A state Department of Motor Vehicles building in South San Jose was evacuated briefly Friday after a driver hit and ruptured a gas line before colliding with the building, SJFD Capt. Cleo Doss said.

The driver of a silver Honda got a "bit jittery," according to the driver she hit, while waiting in line at the Santa Teresa office on Martinvale Avenue just after noon, when she hit a motorcycle, and then a gas meter, leading to the evacuation of the office.

When the Honda also ran over the gas meter, it sheared a gas line and caused gas to escape, prompting fire officials to call for a 1-alarm response, Doss said.

Firefighters ordered the DMV office and a couple of adjacent buildings evacuated until the gas could be turned off, Doss said.

San Jose firefighters reported that crews capped the leak in less than 30 minutes.

The woman said she got a bit over-anxious while waiting to take her driving test.

No major injuries were reported.

After the accident, the Santa Teresa DMV office remained closed for the rest of the day. DMV personnel redirected customers to other offices around Santa Clara County.

CHP spokesman Chris Falkowski said the CHP would be investigating the incident.

Customers stand outside the Santa Teresa DMV office in South San Jose after a gas line rupture caused by a vehicle collision, Friday, March 14, 2014. The office was evacuated shortly after noon and remained closed the remainder of the day.
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