Drought May Be Over Soon, But Water Officials Still Push for Conservation

After a very wet winter, Gov. Jerry Brown may declare the drought over soon. But some water officials say that doesn't mean it will be a water "free for all."

State and water officials are still pushing for residents to conserve, but know it is a hard sell at the moment.

On Friday, Santa Clara Valley Water District announced customers conserved water at an impressive 27-percent rate.

"I think it's just a difficult thing in California," Los Gatos-resident Sally Ashton said of conservation. "We just depend on pools and green lawn."

Leaders meeting at the State Capitol said they are now concerned the images of too much rain will wash away the drive for water conservation.

Bay Area water district officials agree and say they are campaigning hard to get the public to stop thinking about the drought and focus on the next one.

"We're looking at water recycling. We're looking at potential storage projects. We're looking at expanding ground water recharge," said Marty Grimes with the Santa Clara Valley Water District. "Water conservation is a baseline plan."

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