LED Dress Lights Up for Pollution, Not the Holidays

When fashion and tech mix, I am torn between thinking, "Wow, way to go," and "Jeez, is that really necessary?" This Climate dress from Danish design company Diffus has hundreds of LEDs that light up when air pollution is detected.

So, apart from attracting moths and geeky guys when the sun goes down, how does it work?

Hidden somewhere about this dress is an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor and a carbon dioxide monitor. Conductive embroidery transmits info from the monitor to the lights, which flash at various speeds depending on the concentration of the greenhouse gases.

Much as I like the embroidery, I'm not sold on the shape of it — big bustle-y-thingy, baby — but I guess you've got to appreciate the thinking behind this. My one question, what happens to the lights if you fart?

The Coolist Via technabob

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