DVR's Inventor Wants to Revolutionize TV Again

Anthony Wood talks to Press: Here

Some credit him with being a genius for creating God's machine while television networks used a different word to describe him.

There is no doubt that Anthony Wood changed the way television is watched. Years ago he launched Replay TV, which passed through six ownership hands and eventually went under. But not before it introduced the world the the delights of DVR.So what does a man whose mark has been felt across the globe do for an encore?

 "I don't stand behind people and watch them pause their TV," he said. Well that's for sure.

But what he is doing now is creating more devices that change the way we watch television. Or at least he hopes so. Roku, which is the Japanese word for six, is his latest venture. And one of the main things it does is it downloads a Netflix movie streams and puts it on to your television.

Wood spoke with Press: Here that aired on Sunday about where he is planning to take television next. Check out his full interview on Press: Here's Web site.

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