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Dyed and Abused Kitten Recovers, Befriends Blind Cat

The story of a kitten that sparked social media furor, after it was found ditched on the side of a Northern California road with purple fur and bite marks, will have a happy ending.

Smurf, then seven weeks old, was likely used as bait or a chew toy for a larger animal, according to the Rosewood-based animal shelter Nine Lives Foundation where he was nursed back to health.

Fast forward less than two months, and Smurf has gained weight and he's grown his gray fur – and its white patches and stripes – back. Faint spots of purple around his neck and inside his hind legs are the only evidence of the trauma he lived through, according to the Nine Lives Foundation.

The cat’s emaciated body was pockmarked with over a dozen deep lacerations and his fur had been dyed a shocking purple. Smurf was also running a 105-degree temperature when someone dropped him off, in a box, at the shelter.

Smurf was treated to heated blankets and Gerber baby food, the Nine Lives Foundation team said. He also underwent surgery, got stitches and received antibiotics.

While offers poured in from people asking to adopt the neglected kitten, Smurf befriended Wanda, a blind cat. As he healed, he also guided Wanda when she attempted to explore her surroundings, the shelter’s team said on social media.

A veterinarian who took care of Smurf has adopted him and, presumably much to his delight, Wanda.

Now the duo snuggle, climb cat trees and nap together, and sometimes fight with paper – the very picture of health and contentment.

The pair also continue to rise to Internet stardom with their very own Facebook and Instagram pages.

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