E-Reader Wars Heat Up With the New Tablet-Like Nook

Look no further than Barnes & Noble's new e-reader to see how much Apple has changed the virtual reading world.

Tuesday the new version of the Nook e-reader was introduced to the world, fully equipped with a color touch screen. It is already being described as tablet lite.

Like the previous generations of the Nook, this new e-reader can be used to read magazines, newspapers and digital books.

It is also running the Android operating system, in direct competition with Apple's OS.

The e-book wars are expected to heat up just ahead of the holiday season as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Amazon see big business in the market.

Amazon has already announced that it is selling Kindles and e-books in record numbers.

The virtual bookstore, along with Barnes & Noble, have been clamoring to make their e-readers better competitors with the mutli-faceted iPad.

The most recent edition of the Kindle and the Nook have cases that make the devices look like real books. While Amazon has even started to let users lend a virtual book to a friend.

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