Early Bird Bars in the Bay Area to Watch Comey's Testimony

Many opening early will broadcast the testimony

Former FBI Director James Comey released a prepared statement of his testimony ahead of a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing set for Thursday.

In the Bay Area, the hearing is expected to draw big interest despite its 7 a.m. start time. In fact, some bars and other businesses are opening their doors to hold watch parties.

In San Francisco, from North Beach institutions like Gino and Carlo to Ace's on Lower Nob Hill, Comey will be on the big screen.

"They're going to want to watch what's going on," said Tom Whalen, Ace's owner. "So long as they behave themselves, we'll keep the sound on for them."

Clooney's Pub in the Mission District will also air the testimony.

NBC Bay Area political analyst Larry Gerston says questions over whether President Donald Trump tried to influence an FBI investigation of Russian link to United States officials has caught the attention of those not usually into politics.

"Now, we're four months into this and we're far from out of it," Gerston said. "That's why people are saying, 'What's going on?'"

Here are other Bay Area bars to consider checking out early Thursday. Calling ahead to ensure they are airing the testimony is advised.

Just off Interstate 880 in Newark, O’Sullivan’s Sports Bar will be up and running at 6 a.m. With televisions usually plastered with sports games, early customers will be able to watch the testimony with a breakfast of burgers and beer. Bar staff may also offer highlights from the prior night, recapping their favorite moments from the Golden State Warriors game.

On the opposite side of the Bay, viewers may get a similar experience at Route 92 Sports Bar in San Mateo. Holding other past time activities, early bird bar goers can play a game of darts or play some arcade games during the commercials.

Also opening at dawn is El Cerrito’s Blue Moon Saloon. A cozy bar located within walking distance of the El Cerrito Plaza BART station, this location allows for a quick trip to hear Comey. By swapping this location for a San Francisco bar, customers will be able to maximize their sleeping time before heading for a beverage.

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