Early Gadget Favorites From the Floor of CES

Tech experts give their early thoughts on CES

Thursday Jan. 7, 2010:  It was a vibrant day full of joie de vivre among the Bay Area digerati and techfiles from around the world at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, where over 2,500 tech firms showed off their goods.

Going into this mammoth event, the burning question on my mind was: “Is CES going to show us anything truly different this year, or are we simply going to see our favorite gadgets and gizmos shaped into bigger and faster versions of themselves?” 

With 3D TVs, tablet computers, eBooks, and new smart phone models  -- Google Nexus One, Palm Pre plus, Motorola Backflip - taking center it looks like stage key players in the tech sector have turned a corner.  A number of companies are focusing more on creating devices that can impact our everyday lives from an even greater social standpoint.

Author and new media expert Brian Solis talked about the issue. Check out the video below


During one of my multiple press lounge-battery-re-charge stops, Mashable Co-Editor Ben Parr shared his gold-star pick of the tradeshow with me. Check out his video by clicking on the thumbnail below.

Computer and technology radio show hosts Marsha Collier and Mark Cohen took a few minutes to give us a summary of which products they found the most impressive.



While the 3D TV craze is sending many hearts a flutter here at CES, raconteur Cathy Brooks  offers a different perspective. 


Today, I’ll be back on the floor to scope out the latest and the greatest at CES.  I’ll have some tidbits from the party circuit.  Stay tuned!


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