Earthquake Swarm Strikes Hollister, Ridgemark in San Benito County

NBC Bay Area's quake map shows all earthquakes recorded near the San Francisco Bay Area over the past 24 hours.

Nearly 20 earthquakes have struck parts of San Benito County in the last 12 hours , with the most recent clocking in Monday morning at a magnitude of 3.7 in Hollister, according to the US Geological Survey.

The USGS data shows nearly a total of 53 earthquakes, with magnitudes of 2. 0 up to 3.8, striking both near Hollister and nearby Ridgemark in the last month.

The area is about 50 miles south of San Jose and 15 miles south of Gilroy.

That might sound like a lot, but there were more than 600 small earthquakes recorded in San Ramon in Alameda County in the fall of 2015.

That's almost six times the number that hit the same area in 2003, when 120 earthquakes hit over 31 days, with the largest clocking in at a magnitude of 4.2.

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