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East Bay Man Forces Neighbor at Gunpoint to Dig Own Grave: Report

Think you live next door to the neighbors from hell?

A felon in Contra Costa County is accused of threatening to kill his neighbor as he forced the man at gunpoint to dig his own grave.

The incident was reported on Lambert Road in El Sobrante. Some residents who live nearby say they haven’t felt safe since the last time the suspect was let out of jail.

“He’s in jail for a while, then he’s out,” one neighbor said.

It’s the cycle that several neighbors fear will keep repeating itself.

Forty-year-old Jason Crain is accused of breaking into a couple’s home and threatening to shoot the man execution-style. Police also arrested Maria Rincon, who authorities say helped Crain with the kidnapping. A neighbor agreed to talk to NBC Bay Area about Crain’s past, without showing her face, because she’s afraid of him: “He was trying to steal somebody’s pot plants and got into an altercation and was shot. I thought for sure that was it for him but dude has more than nine lives.”

The details of this latest incident are chilling. Court documents show that Crain put a gun to the victim’s head, handed him a shovel and told him “start digging your grave.” He dug for an hour before his wife allegedly confronted Crain, and he left.

NBC Bay Area spoke to that woman who confirmed what happened but said she was too shaken up to talk on camera. Court documents show Crain has a criminal history that includes assault, injury on a spouse and gun possession.

“His whole mind set is bringing danger to the rest of us and that’s scary,” the neighbor said.

Jason Crain is still in the Martinez Detention Facility. NBC Bay Area was not able to reach him for comment.

NBC Bay Area's Melissa Colorado has more in the video report above.

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