Police Corruption Scandal Becomes Reality TV

Local police corruption case featured on Dr. Phil.

A real life police corruption scandal is becoming reality TV. According to the <a href="http://">Mercury News, the "Dr. Phil Show" will feature today the Concord private eye firm embroiled in the infamous "Dirty DUI" scandal.

Investigators say that Chris Butler, head of Butler & Associates, set up targets of his investigations by sending operatives to ply them with alcohol, then tipping police when they hit the road.

Dr. Phil will chronicle the fall of the detective firm, which was featured in national magazines and television -- including Dr. Phil -- for using housewives as secret agents.

The former police officer is also embroiled in a widespread Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team scandal.

He is one of four men, including former drug squad commander Norman Wielsch, facing federal charges including bribery, embezzlement and selling stolen drug evidence.

Wielsch was invited to appear on Dr. Phil, but a judge denied his request to travel to Los Angeles for the taping.

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