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East Bay Police Raid Ends in Two Dozen Arrests, Weapons Seizure

A two-month criminal investigation surrounding illegal activities at a Richmond hotel concluded early Tuesday morning with the arrest of more than two dozen people and the seizure of drugs, guns and evidence of fraud and mail theft, according to police.

Police said the alleged activities were reported at multiple hotel rooms at the Marina Bay Inn & Suites located at 915 W. Cutting Blvd.

An investigation revealed mail theft, fraud, sales of illegal narcotics, and firearms trafficking that allegedly occurred between six rooms within the hotel during the two-month span.

In addition to the illegal activity, police reported several of the rooms were reserved fraudulently or had signs of forced entry and trespassing.

Police said 25 people were arrested after search warrants were obtained and executed for several of the rooms.

During the search, investigators seized four handguns, an assault weapon, illegal narcotics, a credit card manufacturing machine, stolen mail and credit information.

The suspects were arrested on suspicion of several offenses related to the items found in the hotel rooms, as well as unrelated outstanding arrest warrants and trespassing. The names of the suspects were not immediately being released.

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