East Bay Residents, Commuters Brace for 7-Month Road Closure

Upcoming road closures won’t stop the Green family from biking and skateboarding in their Dublin neighborhood, but when the Tassajara Road route connecting Dublin to Danville and San Ramon closes, drivers will definitely be impacted.

The road will be closed for seven months, a period which some have called “too long.” Construction crews will be working to replace a culvert at Moller Creek and rebuild the road.

Tassajara Road is a popular back road for people trying to avoid the I-580 and I-680 interchange, so it often backs up with traffic easily. While the road is closed, drivers will be redirected to the freeway.

Frank Green says it will add time to morning commutes and is bracing for heavy freeway traffic as a result.

“In the commute hours, it will add 40 minutes,” he said. “Anyone that works in the Walnut Creek area or Danville, it’s probably 30 to 40 minutes extra. “

Chris Surap, also a Dublin resident who lives near the road closure, says he’ll now have to allow extra time to get to San Ramon.

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