San Ramon

East Bay Roller Skating Rink to Close for Good

The Golden Skate in San Ramon will stay open throughout the holiday season this year before shutting down

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The Golden Skate, a popular place to go roller skating in the East Bay, will soon close its doors for good.

The San Ramon business hasn't announced an official closing date, but it will remain open throughout the holiday season this year.

"Unfortunately, the enormous financial damages that we suffered due to COVID have made the continued operation of the Golden skate infeasible and so it is with a great deal of sadness that I must announce that The Golden Skate will cease its operations," owner Dr. Hassan Sharifi wrote in a letter posted on the skating rink's website.

The roller rink drew skaters from all across the Bay Area. Sharifi said the rink was the last holdout as all similar large rinks in the region went out of business during the last decade.

"The Golden Skate has become the most diverse multicultural, multiracial and multigenerational sport-entertainment in the area," Sharifi wrote. "We are aware that the closure of the rink will affect many of our avid skaters and we will do our best to allow our beloved customers to say their farewells."

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