East Bay Warehouse Fire Sparked by Stolen Truck, Sends Security Guard to the Hospital

An early morning truck fire on Wednesday ended up igniting an East Oakland commercial building and sending a security guard to the hospital.

Firefighters arrived at the business on Railroad Ave. just after 1 a.m. The fire was so bad, they had to cut through the buildings walls to help the fire burn out.

Fire investigators say the fire started in a stolen truck parked outside the building. It spread before crews could arrive.

An on-duty security guard was rushed to the hospital with smoke inhalation. The guard is expected to be OK.

NBC Bay Area spoke to the business owner off camera; he says he is stunned and simply trying to make sense of what happened. He told us, the business has been targeted before, but would not elaborate.

Police say the truck was stolen in Hayward on Dec. 11. They are still looking for suspects and have not made any arrests.

The business did have security cameras. Police will review the tapes.

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