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East Bay Woman Wins Blue Light Fight for Autism Awareness

 An East Bay woman is claiming victory Tuesday on behalf of her autistic son and autism awareness in general after she was given the “okay” to leave blue lights outside of her home for Autism Awareness Month.

For the past 10 years, every month of April, Lisa McBride turns her outdoor lights blue in honor of Autism Awareness Month but last week, her Home Owners Association (HOA) told her they violated the exterior modification rules.

“We had seven days to turn them back to white or we would be getting a fine,” McBride said. “I had a little temper tantrum and I wrote emails, then I went to social media and told our story and posted pictures of my son and our blue house and our clothes and our pride in his courage in facing this disorder.”

The community rallied around the McBrides, the East Bay Time and Yahoo News picked up the story and on Monday, the HOA wrote Lisa again.

“Let us know they didn’t know about Autism Awareness Month and they said we were fine to have our blue lights for the month,” she said. “This year we made a bigger impact by accident than we ever could’ve hoped for.”

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