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2 Men Die in Fiery Crash Despite Good Samaritan Efforts to Save Them

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Two men have died after a fiery car crash in Contra Costa County Friday, despite the efforts of multiple people who stopped and tried to save them - and it was all caught on video.

The video shows heroic actions of good Samaritans attempting to rescue a man from a burning car during rush hour on I-80 westbound at the San Pablo Dam Road overcrossing.

Despite efforts however, the two men in the vehicle died. One of them was confirmed dead at the scene, while the other one was pronounced dead at a local hospital later that day.

The victim's family member identified the men as a father and son from Vallejo. The son, 37-year-old Gearry Terry Brown Jr was driving his 70-year-old father Gearry Sr.

The video was recorded by Sue Ricafort, wife to one of the good Samaritans that assisted in the rescue.

“For me, it was showcasing when humanity works together, you know, we can do something good," she said.

A handful of people pulled over to help get the father and son out of the vehicle in flames, but the fire grew bigger and hotter.

Elvis Ricafort, one of the men who tried to help, says he can't watch the video of the rescue.

"I just can't look at it," he said. "It's very traumatic. We tried our best."

Elvis said he'll never forget how everyone helped, but is heartbroken that both men died despite their efforts.

The California Highway Patrol has not confirmed the identities of the victims or determined what caused the car to crash into a cement wall at the overcrossing.

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