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Alameda County Gyms Waiting to Get the All Clear

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For many small businesses still waiting to be cleared to reopen, things are getting dire -- layoffs, cutbacks, and often having to shut down forever.

Paul Rubio is keeping things clean, but the owner of HITT Factory Gyms says Alameda County's policy of keeping facilities like his closed are making things desperate.

“It was pretty much sink or swim,” he said. “Roughly $80,000 a month ... for all my gyms combined.” 

Rubio rolled the dice three weeks ago and opened without permission as safely as he could.

"We have a very strict process when you come into the facility,” he said. “You gotta wash your hands, take your temperature, I ask a list of questions, all the staff wears a mask."

Customers appreciate it, nobody reported getting sick but when the county and property owner found out, he was told to shut doors down. 

He is back to waiting with no opening day in sight. 

Rubio’s latest offer is to take all the gym equipment from inside, and bring it outside in the parking lot, fence it all off for safety, and keep it clean, but so far the property owner has not given him the green light.

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